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A new addition to the family {Sherwood Park Newborn Photographer | Edmonton}

I first photographed this gorgeous family 4 years ago when the older son was 3 months old.  He was a preemie born nearly 3 months early.  When mom called me to set up the session for the little one she was expecting this time, she was already past when the time when the older one had been born and thankfully this new little man was born at full term.

Big brother was very much in love with his little brother and kept me well entertained during the session.  He is the most adorable, amazingly well-behaved little guy and a full on chatter box!  I burst out laughing when his mom said “Rest your tongue!” I hadn’t heard that phrase before but have said it a few times since to my own girls!


Newborn Photography Sherwood Park | Edmonton Newborn Photography

#FortMacStrong {Edmonton Newborn Photography | Fort McMurray}

Last month I photographed baby Violet, who is such an adorable chunky bit of sweetness!  Her & her family have quite the story.

She was born as the fire was raging around Fort McMurray.  Less than 24 hours after she was born, the hospital was evacuated.  Her mom & dad spoke so highly of how smoothly things went & well looked after they were by the amazing doctors, nurses & other staff.  They were on the bus for 7 hours for what would normally be a 2 hour drive.  On their bus was the maternity ward, with new babies &  a couple of moms in labour.  They didn’t know where they were going & it wasn’t until they were embarking on the plane to leave, that they even knew that they would be flying to Edmonton.

This beautiful family lost their home, but thankfully, Grandma & Grandpa were visiting, so were able to take the family pets in their vehicle.  The grace & acceptance that Violet’s mommy & daddy have of their situation were was truly touching & heartwarming.  Absolutely nothing is taking away the joy of having their sweet baby girl in their arms.  I felt blessed to be able to be able to share the gift of new photos with them as they begin their New Beginning in their journey through life.  We wish you all the best!

Blog 06-25 fort mcmurray fire baby

Fort McMurray Newborn Photography | Edmonton Newborn Photographer


Adorable Baby {Spruce Grove Newborn Photographer | Edmonton}

Be still my heart!  Emsley has the most ah-maz-zing hair I have every seen on a baby!  She was the cutest, sweetest, little thing & I loved every moment that I had photographing her.  The top picture was one of the last ones I took, just as the session was ending when she popped wide awake & just stared at me…as happy as could be.  And I just love those wee little piggies…I think toes are my favourite baby bit!

Blog 05-11 newborn baby in crate

Spruce Grove Newborn Photography | Edmonton Newborn Photography

Smiley, Happy Baby {Edmonton Newborn Photography | Beaumont}

Little Emily arrived here all sleepy and I got some beautiful shots of her.  And then she woke up and she was WIDE awake, with big smiles & amazing eye contact at just 13 days old.  She drifted off to sleep once more for the rest of her session.  She’s such an adorable wee one with her chubby cheeks and wonderful pouty lips.

Blog 05-26 happy smiling newborn baby pictures

Beaumont Newborn Photography | Edmonton Baby Photographer

April 26, 2016 - 2:01 pm

Lisa - What fun we had! thank you for the fabulous photoshoot and wonderful pictures!